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Song Ji Hyo’s new endorsement - Banila co (바닐라코)
(updated) cr. 송지효 OfficialSong Jihyo has been chosen for a new model of ‘banila co’!The make-up pictorial pictures that recently taken will be released coming September and that’s where you can feel Song Jihyo’s attraction^^
송지효가 ‘바닐라코’의 새 모델로 발탁됐습니다! 최근 촬영을 마친 메이크업 화보가 9월달에 공개될 예정이니, 송지효의 새로운 매력을 곧 만나보세요^^

Robin Williams made everybody happy, but himself.
-Just heard this on the news and my heart broke. (via tywins)


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remember, we’ll always have paris.